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There's nothing quite like having a brilliant face painter at your party.. have a look at our work.  

We'd love to hear from you and with the most up to date techniques using bling and glitter we will ensure your party is a success. 

We've posted a montage of pictures of our work.  Created for competitions and events nationally and locally to the Birmingham Area.  

Call me now to book your event, whether a small birthday party, or a large festival.  We have the painters for you.

Some of my favourites from the past few years - top - model Lindsey, Me & model Stephanie, and bottom... Emma, Danielle, Lindsey, Angel and Leanne.

Painting the handsome and very tallented Kyle !! with Danielle painted by my apprentice Marni.   Bathing beauty being romanced by a dapper gentleman entitled On Brighton Pier

Helen was awarded a 3rd Place in the Elite Face painting competition , with Alana as her model, all created with her imagination and lots and lots of glitter... A beautiful Alien Princess. 

Helen was also a professor in the Sunday Competition, with her apprentice, Amanda Murphy, and created a Tooth Fairy inspired painting.  Completed by hand made props this inspirational and beautiful piece was very much appreciated by our superb model and photographers who had a fab time catching the intricate artwork required for the piece. 


WOW !!!!!!

Loving painting at some really great Premiers including..

James Bond Premier - SKYFALL

Some of the pictures from the red carpet, celebrity event..

Videos area also on You tube so have a search for facesunlimited and see what we've been up to !

 and we had the pleasure of painting Archie and his brother at their recent birthday party !  8 years old already - where did the time go !


Summer glitter paintings !

Glitter Body Art placed 2nd at the World Body Painting Festival

on my superb model Melanie Praseur.


Cant wait to go back !

Corporate Charity Circus themed ball

Painting the waiting staff, performers and front of house staff to fit with the circus theme was great fun for them and for us

Thanks guys for the lovely pics !


More Great News

Helen is now a Guinness World Record holder for the 3rd time !

being awarded the record set on 18th April for Edwards Trust as part of a team of 5 painters

Well done everyone !

Fabulous Jubilee painting


2012 Elite Body Painter of the year

"Spirit of the Forest"  -  Modelled by Leanne Stephens.

More face painting 


Put your party face on with Faces Unlimited.

For face painting that you and your child can be proud of, you need only call one painter, Helen Elvins has been painting since 2000 and has experience in painting at any type of event, large or small. We can guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by the effects Helen can create with a fabulous array of the best quality paints and glitters.

Helen will provide an unlimited supply of designs created with input from the child and her own imagination using her natural eye for astounding creativity, you can expect fine lines, and dellicate colours, teamed with special horror effects, creating beautiful butterflies and terrifying tigers plus lots and lots more...see our gallery for lots of pictures.....

Painting at a variety of events throughout Birmingham, and the Midlands, Faces Unlimited can provide you with the best quality face painters around. If we don't have enough painters for your event we will certainly locate other painters in the area of equal quality to our own. Either way you have the Faces Unlimited guarantee:- WE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN.

Our easy booking system, ensures you are able to book quickly and with the minimum of fuss, and we can also provide other fun items to add on to your face painting requirements like Funky Hair and Tattoos, so have a look around this site for lots of ideas..NEW ADDITIONS THIS YEAR are the most fantastic Glimmer Strands - great for adults and teens too ! ...

The most beautiful girls i've ever painted.. would be great to catch up again soon.



Everything from smurfs to smurfettes, tigers, leopards and beautiful butterflies too...